Music Monday!!!

   I know I suck for not being able to do a Music Monday last week. That's because I went out with les best friends to celebrate Jeck's birthday. :) And now that I'm here, I'm making it up by having two songs on one Music Monday!!
   Awesome, right? :D
   Well, if you've been watching Gossip Girl Season 6, you might've heard both of these songs because that's where I discovered them. These songs were from episode 03: "Dirty Rotten Scandals," and when I heard them, I immediately fell in love with them. But I say that all the time, don't I? Nevertheless, the artist's name is "MNDR" and the songs are entitled "I Go Away," and "U.B.C.L." - which is my favorite! They both give you a different vibe. With the first song, that was played during Chuck's scene when he was bribing a former bodyguard, it's more toned down and solemn, while the other one was played during Blair's fashion show, and it's more lively! ;)
   So yeah, enjoy!!

"I'm yours, mind, body, and scheme." - Blair Waldorf

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