Music Monday!!

   Having a bad day?
   If you are, don't fret! Because I'm introducing you (or telling you, since maybe you already know them) to three songs that'll more or less make your day! I know, this is the first time I've ever put three songs on one Music Monday, but since last week I did two, it made me think it was more fun to have more songs! Besides, one song in one post really isn't enough, right? 
   Anyway, the first song to this post is a song that I listened to when I was just thirteen years old about to turn fourteen, and it was during the year 08. I've always loved this song, because it brought me good vibes all the way! It's by Will.I.Am., and the song's title is "It's A New Day"  The second song is from the year 09, as well. I got it from Gossip Girl Season 2, episode 4: "The Ex-Files." And it's by Greg Street feat. Nappy Roots, titled as "Good Day." Lastly, the third song was when it was the year 10', even though their album was released back in year 09'. And it's just really one of my favorites. It's by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, titled as "40 Day Dream." 
   I hope you enjoy!
   Oh and maybe, to make you happier, check this out! ;)

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