Twist of Fate

   Right now, I am breathing a fresh air of satisfaction and contentment.
   I do not know how or why, but from my last personal post (this one), where I talked about accepting some of the maybes that I may have to face. Well, as soon as I posted that post, I have learned to finally accept one of those, and now it's as if I am a whole different person.
   As if.
   But, even though I'm going to be home more often now since it is finally official (I have to stop school due to our financial difficulties), I just realized that it's one of those things that you cannot exactly try to push for. And it's not one of those things that you can try and rush too. And instead of me trying to mope around and be stuck into one situation, I have learned to accept it and you know, have fun! I'm still young, I've got tons of opportunities ahead of me. Tons of things I can do that I can finally do! Like the things I've always wanted to do but can't, because there are far more important things to take care of. But now... It's all different. I have stopped looking at it in its negative side and looked at it in its positive one.
   For now, I am sort of satisfied and rather content. And yes, I am sure that that can all fade at some point or another, but I'd rather take the high road. Besides, I seriously do not know what's ahead of me, what's the next of me, what door will open or what window will open, and I know that I usually hate it when I don't know things because I usually plan it. But now, you never know. I feel that there is this big surprise awaiting for me. Just a feeling that I cannot seem to fully understand, but I know that it's in my guts.
    Or maybe it's just my optimism getting ahead of me?
    You never know... But you do know what they say, "when a door closes, a window opens." ;)

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