Almost a tradition...

   Last Thursday, I finally went out with les best friends. We went to Makati to see the Light Show at Ayala Triangle. It's not a tradition - yet - but last year we went there too, so I guess if we'll go again next year, it'll be considered a tradition for our little group. :) Anyway, so Jeck, Pam and I met at Pam's place, since her two older sisters were coming with us (it's like their part of our group now too :> ), during the afternoon. Dane, however, was already in Makati because she went there with her mum, and of course, we met up with her there once we arrived.

L-R: Me, Pam, Jeck, and Dane :)
   Now, seeing the Light Show might not be a tradition yet, but there is another tradition for us. It's really obvious... I mean, it is Christmas so that means every year we give each other gifts. :) Honestly, I opened Pam and Jeck's already because I was just tempted. Pam gave me this studded bracelet and a cross bracelet, and Jeck gave me a green skull bracelet - which are pretty cute. I haven't opened Dane's yet, probably tonight, even though I already know what's inside (it's The Vampire Diaries - Stefan's Diaries Vol. II: Bloodlust). After roaming around and basically just waiting for Pam's older sister, Ate Trisha, we finally headed to Ayala Triangle to see the show. Unfortunately, the video is with Dane, so I can only show you some photos. :) 

   After we've seen the show, we finally ate dinner. It took us over an hour waiting because there were too many people. And don't ask where we ate, it's at this Japanese Restaurant and I forgot its name. Haha. In the end, we had fun as always. I'm just happy that we got to spend some time together before Christmas - at least I can finally cross it off my wishlist. :) 
   I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

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