I can't believe it... It's nearly the new year and that means that on January 8th marks the fact that I've been blogging for a year now! :) It is both surreal and exciting. I just remember every moment that I sat here and wrote my heart out in every situation of emotion that I was in. During those moments, I was practically down in the dumps and at other times, happy as if I couldn't care less about the world! Funny how it all seemed now, because they are all in the past. And just like everyone else, a normal human being, we've all moved on.
   I am happy to say that even though that I am in my current state, I couldn't be any more content and sort of happy... or at peace. Sure, at first it was difficult with all the sudden adjustments, but that's part of life. We have to adapt - to survive. None of us wants to be stuck in a place that's dreary and dismal. If we stay in that state so, then that would mean that we are the ones who are bringing ourselves down. And I don't want to make myself my own ultimate downfall.
   Nobody does.
   Truthfully, I had a great Christmas. I was with friends and family, and good wishes and prayers. I am absolutely thankful that I am accompanied by these people who have been so loving and caring. And all those blessings that I have received when I don't deserve them.  Despite this year's hardships, I couldn't help but think that it can be considered as a good one (one of those reasons is that I met Taylor Momsen, haha), especially because I know that I have learned a lot and that I have grown even more. And I am excited for the new year. I'm not going to say "Please be good to me" to 2013, because I know that there will be new challenges and struggles for me. Nevertheless, I hope I can overcome them.
   I wish you all a Happy New Year!
   To love, happiness, and more blessings! ;)

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