Book Review: The Vampire Diaries - The Hunters Trilogy

The Hunters Trilogy
  As I promised (well... sort of), I have finally finished reading the last book of this trilogy, therefore I am now writing a review. ;) And like I've said in my previous review (in which case I forgot that I had actually written one for the first two books), the last two books of this Trilogy were purely written by a ghostwriter since Alloy Entertainment had fired the original writer and creator, L.J. Smith.
   Since I've already written a review for the first two books, as I've said, then I should probably focus on the last book now. It is titled as "Destiny Rising" because it is the final book of the entire The Vampire Diaries series and of the Trilogy. And can I just say that I am quite disappointed and very much enraged with it? You see, the group of this new vampires resurrected Klaus (the "Old One" - a very old vampire who is very powerful and dangerous, and he was killed by Elena in the fourth volume called "Dark Reunion", of the first part of the series) and he wanted to kill Elena. But then, Klaus - this madman, as the story said - was a bit out of character. There were chances when he could kill Elena and her friends during the battle, that sort of reminds me of Twilight - and when he couldn't kill Elena because she was protected of some spell that Bonnie used. He then retreated with his army, saying that he'll find out why he can't kill her, and that he'll kill her friends, too. He could've done it right then and there! He could've done it instantly with the use of his Powers! But instead, he didn't. And then he tried to know what was her secret through Elena's friends, he killed only one - a human professor and friend of Elena's,  but her other friends? He didn't event try to inflict pain, instead, he only threatened them! He started stalking Elena, and her friends, and it sort of became like this horror movie or something.
   Very out of character...

   And Damon... my sweet favorite character. The ghostwriter depicted Damon as if he was a very lost boy that has to find the light. Damon was done with Elena and Stefan, and their friends, because Elena chose Stefan over him. He became this bitter loser. In the Return Trilogy, Damon knew that Elena would choose Stefan right then and there, even though there was a time that Elena returned his affections for her - a time where she did love him, and she still does - yet everyone of us avid readers knew that in the back of Damon's mind, Elena will choose Stefan in the end (or maybe it's just me, whatever). We all sit in hope that the tables would switch, and as L.J. Smith said to this reader who e-mailed her, she had plans that it would. But apparently, she was fired because of that - because Alloy Entertainment wanted all Stefan and Elena, which they got from that ghostwriter. I don't like the fact that the ghostwriter made Damon uncaring, even for his brother. He forgot how loyal Damon is to Stefan, no matter what, because Stefan is his brother.
   Not to mention, everyone in the book was in a relationship. It turned into this gooey romance book than what it really should be, this morbid, action-packed, vampire horror series. It was slow-paced yet again. And there were scenes where the ghostwriter just cuts it because he wants this book to go on longer than it really should. I mean, there was a time when the ghostwriter got me and tickled my interest, but then it quickly faded, because he doesn't know how to keep the whole scenario of getting his readers hooked. And the ending... Well, I don't want to spoil any of you, but I didn't like how sappy, cliched, and mushy, it ended. It was predictable, really.
   All in all, I'd rate this final book, a 5/10. The whole The Hunters Trilogy, I'd rate it a 6/10.
  I can only imagine how L.J. Smith would've ended the series...

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