• *Warning: may contain spoilers. If you haven't watched this episode, please do not go on further...*

  1. Your Favorite Episode

  •        - My favorite episode would definitely be from Season 8, Episodes 11-12: "The Final Page Part 1 & 2." You see, I have these episodes merged into one, so I pretty much consider this as a one whole episode. But anyway, who seriously wouldn't love this episode?! I started watching How I Met Your Mother during Season 5 because I saw this commercial of the episode "Say Cheese" where Robin noticed that Barney has the same pose for every picture, and that Barney said that the camera loves him... etc. Anyway, since then I've been a Barbin Shipper! And to watch that episode from the current season was definitely like a dream come true! I cried because I did a HIMYM Marathon a few months ago, and of course I knew about the Playbook (and it's actually one of my favorite episodes, too), I mean, to see Barney go through all of that - all the way from Season 5, was just epic! Barney was just so sweet and romantic... I seriously cannot describe how I felt with this episode.

   A gif of Barney would probably be appropriate to describe more... :))

**Credits to 30 Day Challenge Archive for this HIMYM Challenge. :)**

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