2. Best HIMYM moment/scene

    - The  best moment for me would be from Season 3, Episode 20: "Miracles." This was the episode when Ted got a car crash accident. Although Ted was fine, the scene before they showed him in the hospital bed was very dramatic - Marshall was called since he was the emergency contact person for Ted, and Marshall called Lily, then Robin. The three of them (in slow motion with a very dramatic song playing in the background) ran to the hospital, and saw that Ted was fine. While they were talking, Lily called Barney to tell him about Ted. This was the time when Barney broke the Bro Code since he slept with Robin, and they weren't friends that time. Barney hung up on Lily when he heard about Ted, and ran to the hospital since he couldn't get a cab. Once he was already across the street from the hospital, he was already crossing the street when he got hit by a bus. 

Barney asking for Marshall for a high five. 
Bros again. :)
   Ted felt touched since Barney ran all the way to the hospital, although Barney denied it, but Ted and the rest knew that it was true. He said that Barney could've died, and then they finally buried the hatchet and became bros again. :) For me it was the best moment ever since it showed how much they really love each other, especially when Barney, despite the fact that he and Ted weren't bros that time, ran all the way down to the hospital. Like Marshall kept insisting to Robin in that episode, it definitely was a miracle. :)

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