6. Write a letter to Ted
Dearest Ted, 
     Even though I never considered you as my favorite character, you never ceased to amaze me. You're very passionate, funny, nice, a sucker for true love, and your love for literature is really amazing. Of course, those aren't the only qualities that you have, but I also love the fact that you like making precious memories and making everything magical in their own way. And damn, you got a pretty good memory since you happen to remember every single detail on telling your kids how you met their mother. Although, I can't really wait to know who the mother is, part of me doesn't want to know because when we do I feel like it's going to be the end of the show, and I just don't want that to be happening just yet. But I'm sure that the mother's going to be awesome - she'll be (or she was) everything you wanted her to be. Sure, you still love Robin et al, and I'm sorry to say this, but I've always like Barney and her together, you just gotta face the fact that you and Robin want different things, you know? Even though I know you've known that already. Still, you should be glad that she's one of your best friends, and should be even more glad to to have an awesome set of friends who just don't have boundaries, but will do everything for you to be happy and to support you in every way. And I am even more sure that you'd do everything for them too. ;)

Myka ;) 

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