First of February

   So February's finally here.
   I cannot say anything about it that much, because you see, I only think of it as the month of love (of course, but my love life is practically non-existent, so moving on...), the Chinese New Year, and feel as if time really does fly so fast. I mean, it was as if the new year just arrived yesterday, and now it's February! Well anyway, perhaps I just feel that January passed by like a blur. Nevertheless, the first of February came (like two days ago) and it was great because I spent it with my best friends. :)
   Pam and I went to Dane's crib to just spend time together since we haven't seen each other for over a month. So when we got there, we basically just watched The Carrie Diaries - which is a great show, by the way, and I've also read the book which is also great. :D Then we watched the two most recent episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season 8, where we laughed our asses off, no doubt about that. Afterwards, we had dinner, played Pinoy Henyo since I got an app. on my phone, and then took photos. Both of us got home at ten P.M. T'was okay since it was a Friday night. Too bad Jeck couldn't make it, though, since he had classes, but oh well... There's always a next time. :)
Watching The Carrie Diaries. :)
Dinner time with Dane & Pam :)
Pam ;)

She's just a really happy kid. :D

"Awkward Smiles" Apparently, I'm the real awkward on in this photo. lol
"Awkward Smile" take 2.  :))
Jeje pose. =))) 

   I'm thankful that I got to be with em' again. Couldn't exactly describe how much I missed them... Yes, I'm clingy like that. Haha! Anyway, I hope February has lots of surprises awaiting us. For now, I shall go back now to my good ole' stale, homebound life. ;)

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