Music Monday!!

   So my playlist has been renewed. Not updated, but renewed. You know, since it's got a whole new set of songs. It's definitely awesome. And I just noticed that last week's song wasn't exactly appropriate for Valentine's Day - only shows how indifferent I am about it - which I totally didn't intend for, so I apologize. I'd make it up to you, but the song I've chosen today isn't appropriate for Valentine's Day either. This song is dark, but very meaningful. 
    I've been a fan of Florence + The Machine (or Florence And The Machine, but it really is supposed to be written like that, just saying) since I heard their song "Kiss With A Fist" last 2008 in the movie "Wild Child" (I had to search the songs from the movie by looking at the credits since I had the DVD, lol). And then they finally released their debut album "Lungs" the following year. Two years ago, they released their second album, "Ceremonials." I think the main reason why I fell even more in love with them was when I was searching on Youtube for their live performances, to really see if they do sound the same live, you know? And I must say I was very impressed - like I cannot describe how impressed I was. Florence Welch was singing one of my favorite songs from their album, "Dog Days Are Over" with such an effortless grace! She was running around the stage, and she was just singing and doing her thing! Her voice is divine! And as much I want to keep fangirling on Florence, I shall introduce to you the song for today. It's called "Never Let Me Go," and it's from their second album.
   Like I said, it's dark and at the same time very meaningful. I can't describe it to you or for the fun of it, I want you guys to search for the meaning of the song - like I did, because it's just so beautiful, and it becomes more beautiful when you know the real meaning of it. You can check it out here for the lyrics, and when you go on the comments section, you'll see the meaning of the song, since it's really about this girl, Virginia Wolfe. You'll know why it's about her there. ;)
   I hope you enjoy!

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