Post-Valentine's Day Movie Night

   Last Saturday was an amazing day. We went to Nuvali (at Sta. Rosa, Laguna) for the Outdoor Film Screening - Night-Sky Cinema. I was with my friends, Dane, Pam - with her sisters: ate Maple and ate Trisha, who was also with her friends. :)  It was all our first times to go to that event, and it was absolutely exciting because they featured three films, and two of those films were Breakfast At Tiffany's (my favorite) and Pretty In Pink. The third film was Like Crazy, and I have no idea what it was about at all. I didn't watch it either, because the host of the event said that Jennifer Lawrence was in that film - most of us expected her to be the main character, and she wasn't. In fact, thirty minutes was gone with the movie and she wasn't there. And I didn't watch it because my attention was searching for Jennifer Lawrence, which I am sure my friends were too. We were joking around, coming up with all the cliche scenes we can think off for the movie to make Jennifer Lawrence appear, and basically that was what entertained us during that time. And you know, when we were leaving already, since it was getting late, suddenly Jennifer Lawrence appeared! I blame the host of the event for making us think that she was one of the main characters, how misleading. lol :P
While on our way. :) (L-R: Me, Pam and Dane)

OOTD (While we were waiting for ate Carla)

Pam and ate Maple. :)
Me and Pam. :D

L-R: Ate Maple, Me, Pam, ate Carla, Dane, and ate Trisha. :D
*Photo from ate Carla*
Dane and Pam
We're crazy like that. ;)

Pam and Dane

Breakfast At Tiffany's. Sorry for the crappy quality. 
Me, ate Maple, Pam, and Dane. :) 
L-R: Dane, Me, ate Maple, Pam, ate Trisha, ate Carla, and Zeus
*Photo from ate Carla*
   One of the best parts of this trip was our travel time. Took us about an hour to get there, and we got to catch the beautiful sunset! It definitely was a chance I couldn't possibly let slip away! So, I took photos, a bunch of them. It was just so beautiful how the sun shone gloriously during that drive, and of course the clouds. And it was definitely one of the highlights of that roadtrip. I couldn't love it any more than I do! Of course, good music was definitely a plus!
   I seriously cannot thank Pam and her sisters enough for letting me come with them! I enjoyed it very much, and I hope we can do it again some time!
   I hope you enjoy these beautiful skyline photos, taken by yours truly. ;)

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