22. Write A Letter To Lily

    Dearest Lily,
         I apologize if I said on Day 13, that you were my least favorite main character. I simply had to choose, and I had chosen you... But, I got to say that there are tons of things that we have in common. Like the fact that you smack the sense out of your friends, how silly and funny you can be, how you tell your friends what's the right thing to do, how protective and loving you are to them, and how caring you are. I love the fact that you can be this adorable little girl to this badass woman. You're very cool, even though the GIF that I used doesn't really make you look cool, but you still are nonetheless. :))
      Marshall is such a lucky guy to have you, and he won't be complete without you - as corny as that might sound, but it's true. You're friends are also lucky to have you too, because you do everything to make them happy, even if sometimes you go over the line and you don't happen to have boundaries. Still, it's better to have someone who cares a lot for you, than to have someone who doesn't even care at all, right?
     In the end, I'm glad that you've finally sailed into the right direction. Sure, you have been quite indecisive before and a little uncertain in some areas of your life, but it was never too late. You are and will always continue to be a great mother to Marvin. ;) 

Sincerely yours,
Myka ;)

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