17. Write A Letter to Barney

   Dearest Barney,
      I have said this countless of times already, that you're my favorite character on the show, ever! You're just absolutely funny, and I seriously don't know how you get those silly stuff you come up with! It's amazing, really. Anyway, I'm just glad and so proud that you've taken the leap - to finally be with Robin and marry her. In fact, you've taken lots of big leaps, and I cannot possibly be any more happy with the way you have grown. I even cried during the "The Robin" scene, because I was so touched! Also, I admire the fact that you happen to cheer your friends up all the time, and you're there for them no matter what happens. Like, the time when Marshall and Lily broke up, you went to San Francisco to get Lily back to New York because you hate to see Marshall so broken - it was touching, thoughtful and very surprising even.  Really Barney, you are definitely awesome and nobody can take that away from you.
   I am definitely looking forward to your wedding, and I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world! :D

Sincerely yours,
Myka :)

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