Dinner Date

   I finally finished the 30 Day Challenge yesterday. Although it is rather fulfilling, I cannot help but feel as if something is missing today, in which I think I got used to the fact that I blogged everyday for 30 days. But anyway, I really enjoyed doing that. It was quite entertaining, and of course, the things I had to do for the posts. :)
    So the weather here in our country is already blazing hot. I mean, really hot. Summer is definitely upon us! And although I usually love summer, for various reasons really, what I hate about it is the heat. By this time, I'd usually feel dizzy that's why I don't go out much. It's like, it's sucking the life out of me, you know? But oh well, that's just how it goes. I don't really have any summer plans as of yet, but I hope something comes up. My hopes will not be high enough to expect us to go to the beach, but the pool will suffice. ;)
    Also, I think that I should blog about what my friends and I did last Friday. :) We actually went to dinner at Zark's in BF. All of us couldn't be any more happy to be together during a meal. It was a perfect time to catch up on each other, especially what happened during that day. The heat that day made me feel weak that I actually wanted to move our Dinner Date, but since Dane was so stressed out, I agreed. Thus, our date was pursued. ;)

L-R: Jeck, Dane, Pam, Me, and Ate Maple ;)
Jeck. ;)

   I got full bangs now, as you can see above. ;) I cut them because I was already bored with my hair. What do you think? I mean, back in 2011, I did cut my hair (full bangs and short hair) because I was bored too. Now, I maintained my long hair for a change. Also because I don't want to go short again. :P

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