Fashion Friday!!

   It has been such a long time since I've done one, right?
   I mean, this is the first Fashion Friday post for 2013!

Felicity Jones in Dolce & Gabbana 

    But anyway... I think it is already apparent that I have a thing with makeup, and usually, I like making statements through my eyes and my lips, and so most of the time, I have bold eyeliner and lips together. Then on my lazy days, sometimes I just have eyeliner on and pale lips - depends on my mood, really. But almost never without eyeliner when I'm out. I have small eyes you see, and with the eyeliner, somehow my eyes look bigger. I don't really know, but it just had been a thing for me ever since. 

    The everyday liquid eyeliner that I use (since I do not use pencil) is NICHIDO's Liquid Eyeliner. I've been using it for a very long time now. And yes, I've tried other liquid eyeliners, but I always went back to this. I really like how dark it is, and how easy it is for me to apply - well, that's probably because I've always used this, but nevertheless, it's got a really thin yet soft brush that's perfect for thin lines when you want it to be simple. And then you can apply more, if you want the line to be thicker.
    It's very cheap, it only costs 68php, definitely affordable and worth a try. ;)
   Oh and you must remember though, that it is better to do thin lines first, then you can just add more for you to get the perfect shape and perfect thickness. ;)

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