So last Febuary 23, we celebrated Ate Trisha's Birthday at their house in San Pablo, Laguna. Yeah, I know that this is a late post, but anyway... That day, I went to Pam's around nine in the morning, because we were all going to go there together, of course, and we left around ten-thirty since we had to wait for the others. The drive was a long one, but it was fun! We got to see views, even though our butts were numb from all the sitting, and the heat was definitely dizzying. Still, it was great. We had a few stop-overs, so we got to stretch a little, but it took us almost four hours to get there.

With Pam. :)
Rockin' these pants from Copper. :)
During the drive... :) (L-R: Me, Pam, Ela, and Jem)
Traffic. But the clouds were beautiful.

The view when we were nearly there. :)

   When we finally arrived, we headed further to the fields since there was a small house there, and that's where we ate our late lunch. We had fun chatting, sharing stories and everything. After that, we headed back, but this time, we went across the fields since Pam insisted that we should. T'was fun, except the fact that we were bitten by ants and we had mud on our feet, in which my feet are still suffering from the rashes - but it was worth it! I enjoyed the fact that my feet were soaked in mud! Afterwards, when we finally made it to the other side, we finally washed our feet, and then headed to the hot spring! :D During our funtime at the hot spring, we played Guesstures - which is a really cool and fun game, then played Pinoy Henyo for a little while since my phone died during the game. :P Then we finally packed up, and headed home!
   Couldn't be more thankful for the wonderful experience! I hope we can come back soon!

My view when we got there. :) 

Pam. :)) 

Ela picking up snails. :))

The field... 
Beautiful Sunset ♥
Hot Spring! (L-R: Pam, Jem and me.)

Ate Trisha and Carla. :)

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