Holy Week 2013

   So apparently, the previous week was the Holy Week.
   As that week progressed, we practically didn't do anything special. And for some reason, I just felt like there was something missing - as if I felt empty. I spent my time contemplating on that last Maundy Thursday as thoughts kept nagging in my brain that I simply can not just not do anything special before the week ends. Part of myself knew that when I was still with the choir, I had spent most of my Holy Weeks for the past four years practicing for Easter Vigil where I practically cannot put myself in one place - I was that busy! But of course, this year is different, and it certainly felt that way. Fortunately, my mother and I decided to go to church the next day for the Stations of the Cross. And then, I told her that she should come to Easter Vigil with me, since I finally decided to go because I really missed the choir...
   Also because Easter Vigil is my favorite mass celebration because of the Resurrection of Jesus, and of course, the singing. Besides, I've been going there for the last four years, the Holy Week wouldn't feel complete if I stopped now. :) Anyway, afterwards, it just felt amazing. All thanks to God! And I also hope that all of you had a wonderful time last week!

Good Friday Procession. I didn't come with them, but it's such a great sight every year. :)

Easter Vigil

Family Choir. :) Missed them very much.

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