Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   Here we are on the third week of my Summer Playlist! :D
   It's quite strange that I wasn't a fan of Led Zeppelin until recently. I know, I suck. And I cannot really give you any valid reasons why I wasn't. But anyway, feel free to be relieved because I am now! And some of their greatest hits are on my summer playlist. ;) So below, I made a playlist which consists of three songs that I think are summer-y. Well, the first song, which is titled as "Ramble On" is definitely my favorite, that's why I included it there. The rest, I think are definitely summer-y, and I do happen to love them! ;)
   So the second song is called "D'yer Mak'er" which is actually based on a joke, and it's actually pronounced as "Jamaica" not "Dire Maker." The song has a reggae tune, that's why they titled it that way - also because they thought it was amusing on how people actually mispronounce the title. And it was from their fifth album, "House of the Holy." The third song is called "Hey Hey What Can I Do?" and it's actually a non-album track.
   Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this mini playlist! And I'll probably post the other Led Zeppelin songs I have on my summer playlist soon! ;)

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