Fashion Friday!! - Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 | Part I

    Until now, the whole experience seems to feel like it was just a dream...
    Come true, that is.
    I was able to get invites for Philippine Fashion Week from Runway Productions - in which I am so grateful for. They had this thing where you just register your e-mail and get a chance to actually score e-vites.  I was one of the lucky ones who managed to score, and I really wasn't expecting it. So imagine how surprised I was! What was more surprising, was the fact that it said that I was invited to Michael Cinco's show. Of course, I had to read it more than a few times just to make sure if it was true! And I secretly did a happy dance - which is no longer a secret now, obviously. lol. ;P 
    With the invites, I can bring a plus one (+1), and since I managed to mention about my registration to Dane, I knew right then and there that she was the one I was going to bring with me, of course. ;)

Our invites (or e-vites, whatever ;P)
   So we definitely did go there at  the SMX Convention Center, last May 22, Wednesday. It was the first day of Fashion Week, and Michael Cinco's show came second. We arrived five minutes before nine since his show was scheduled at nine thirty PM, and there was this mega long line with the crowd of VIPs by the entrance, waiting patiently. Fortunately, we were still early - sort of - that we were queued up at the half of the line. And of course, we also had to wait patiently. At around nine fifteen, the line began to move as they were letting people in already. We managed to get to this spot by the left side, near the center where the photographers were. The thing was, everyone was heading up by the chairs where the place was elevated and all, but we figured that our spot had a better view even if we weren't sitting because all the seats were already occupied. Then we waited more, until the show finally started...

   After the "Oohs" & "Ahs" of the beautiful collection - there was no doubt that Michael Cinco took our breaths away - he finally walked out and took a bow. He received a well deserved standing ovation, from all of us. The beadwork and the details of the dresses were absolutely fantastic! He was brilliant! When the show was over, we managed to finally take a photo with Daryl Chang, the Fashion Director of Preview Magazine (we stumbled upon her two years ago at Fashion Week too, but we were basically too starstruck to even take a photo with her, lol) and told her about our little encounter with her before. And of course, we also took a photo with her brother, Andre Chang. Then I also had a photo with Fanny Serrano. We noticed that the models were all on the stage as Michael Cinco was being interviewed. We managed to go further, and we stood from the models just a few feet away by the runway. Of course, we got up close to his beautiful works of art. The details were amazing. And I am still gushing over it! 

     When we got home, Dane and I were completely dazed. It was like a hazy dream, in a good, warm and fuzzy way. I am definitely grateful for the wonderful experience, and I won't forget it! :) Oh and sorry if I had too much photos on here, as always! I hope you enjoyed them, nonetheless. ;)

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