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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


   I think it's about time that I finally change my long-ass URL. I mean, seriously, I don't exactly know why I've chosen that as my URL link, and I don't exactly know why I've put up with it long enough, which was for a year and a few months, to be exact. Plus, I don't know if it was that memorable to begin with, - in which case, I think it wasn't, because it was a mouthful, apparently - so I finally changed it into my long-lived Twitter Username: MsDearlady (or just plain because capitals aren't allowed on URLs).
   I know that that username had existed long enough. It was from the time when I had to think of a good and unique username to be also used as my alias. It was the year '09 when I finally joined Twitter and I was fourteen at the time. So don't really be surprised if you land on my Twitter page and see how many tweets I've already tweeted (hello 53k+ tweets! lol). And I know that many people - that I know - are probably wondering or have probably wondered, why my UN's like that. If, that is, they are curious, because I'm about to tell you now. ;) 
   The thing is, the story behind it isn't really something so interesting and shocking. I even know that the name itself is weird, and I thoroughly admit that. Haha! But yeah, I mean, remember the time when Yahoo! Answers were all the rage? Well, I usually went there - to ask questions pf course, - and there was this dude who answered the question (that I don't remember, so yeah). And the only thing that I can remember from his answer was that he used the words "Ms" and "lady." At the time, I really liked the sound of those words so much. Somehow, they showed youth and femininity altogether. Then at the same time, they had a slight touch of sophistication and elegance, mainly because of the word "lady." But I also liked the word "dear" before, and I think that that was my favorite word at the time, because it sounds... Well, endearing. So I thought that maybe I could combine them together for my username. 
   Et voila!! MsDearlady was born!! 
   Those are the only things I can remember, and I must say that I am quite surprised that I am even posting about this right now. But what I also wanted before was to make an alias that would somehow make a statement that it's me - that would somehow make people that I know, know that it's me, at the same time, wonder if it really is. I hope I am making sense, because I'm really trying my best to remember all my thoughts during that time. But I also hope that the username itself kind of represents me in a way that I made it in my own image, like a trademark or a signature or something.
   So yeah, that pretty much sums it all up. I told you it wasn't anything that interesting and shocking. ;P And yeah, I'll probably change my URL link again when the time comes. It's not gonna be soon, though...

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