Music Monday!! - Summer Playlist

   Ninth week for our Summer Playlist!!
   So to finish off, I'll be featuring three songs today. ;) First off, is a song called "Bite Your Lip," by New Cassettes. It was recently used on The Vampire Diaries, Season 4. So yeah, if it sort of sounds familiar, it was there. Then the second song is called "Graffiti Eyes" by Stellastarr*. It was used on the second season of Gossip Girl, and I heard it again recently when all of my songs were on shuffle. So I couldn't really resist but to put it on my playlist again. ;) And last but definitely not the least, the third song to officially end my Summer Playlist, is a song recently used on New Girl. It's called "Until We Get There" by Lucius, and it was on the last the scene of episode 24, "Winston's Birthday." Y'know, when they were at the roof deck and Nick served breakfast for Jess (at night), and then Schmidt arrived with Elizabeth, then of course, Winston did too.
    It only goes to show that I watch too many TV Shows. ;P
    Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy these. And I also hope that they make it on your playlists too!! ;)

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