Summer Getaway | Part I

   So a week ago, (specifically last May 06 - 07), my best friends, Jeck and Pam - with her sister Ate Maple, of course - and I went to Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas. I know, I suck for posting this just now, and believe me, I've been meaning to post it but I just keep finding myself doing some other things. Well, anyway, it was the first trip we had together to the beach. And yes, we missed Dane terribly, because she couldn't come with us since she had summer classes.
   We left that day during the afternoon, since we had to drive all the way there and our check-in was at 3pm sharp. But of course, we were thirty minutes late since we made a few stopovers at Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and in Tagaytay.

At Nuvali
Ate Maple :) 
Candid shot of Pam.

At Tagaytay
   In total, our travel time was only three hours. When we checked-in, of course we had to see our room and get our stuff there first before we hit the beach. Also, we had to changed into our swimsuits. We rushed because we couldn't wait to go there, and in a matter of minutes when every one of us were already ready, we immediately went out. 
   We basically spent the rest of the afternoon there. The beach was breathtaking, and I loved the white sand. We took our time taking photos and taking the wonderful view in. Then Jeck wanted to be buried in the sand, so Pam and I obliged because it was fun. I even made a reference about Friends, when they buried Joey's body in the sand and they gave him boobs. I told him that I'm going to do the same thing to him, and we of course, laughed. Unfortunately, I couldn't give him boobs. Burying someone's body in the sand was harder than I thought! ;P But after our fun frolicking under the sun, and dipping ourselves into the water, we managed to catch the amazingly beautiful sunset. We took photos of it, of course, because it looked absolutely unreal. Afterwards, we headed for dinner since we're absolutely famished. :)

Pam and Ate Maple. :)


Ate Maple chilling with a book and hiding from the sun. ;P

Us three... ;) *Photo from Pam*
   Since I had problems with my phone that day and the only place where they had wi-fi was at the lobby, I immediately hung out there after dinner. I took my time to download some apps and post photos on Instagram, and even tweet stuff. It was already ten in the evening when I went back to our room. Apparently, dinner took us a while since the food took too long to be served to us, but it was good anyway. So yeah, when I went back, Jeck asked me what I did there, and I told him, then he suddenly wanted to go there too. I couldn't simply refuse, because... How can anybody refuse access to wi-fi? Haha! Pam joined us , and we hung out there for another hour until my phone and Pam's iTouch died. Also, we had to get up early since our check out for the next day was at twelve noon. We just had to make most of the beach! 
   And so we went back and drifted off to sleep. :)

   I know that this is a long post, so yeah, I'll be posting the second part in a jiff. ;) 

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