Summer Getaway | Part II

   And here we are on the next day...
   I woke up at five thirty in the morning, just as what we all agreed to. I slept lightly, and even woke up a couple of times in the middle of the night, but nevertheless, I still managed to drift back to sleep whenever I do. I woke Jeck up and found Pam waking up all by herself, since she too, slept lightly. We got ready, and we managed to get out of the room at around six. Blame Jeck, since he didn't want to wake up yet. ;P But anyway, we got to the beach, and then we decided to hit the pool. Well, actually they did. I was feeling a bit too tired and sleepy. The pool didn't open until seven, so we had to wait on the loungers. When it was time, they did hit the pool, and I just sat back because all of a sudden, my mood went down the drain.
   Only goes to show that I'm not a morning person. Haha!
Me: Picture!!! | Pam: *Smiles* | Jeck: NO *turns away* || Good Morning to you too! =))

   But I did eventually hit the pool. I stayed for about ten minutes I think, then I went up again and took photos by the pool instead. Basically, I was sleepy and hungry, but I managed to bring my mood up even just a tad bit. Since eight o'clock struck, we got back to have breakfast. I stayed back in the room and ate as Pam and Jeck went to have breakfast at the buffet. Then I took a nap for thirty minutes so that when we go back to the beach, my mood would be cranked up even just a little.
   They woke me up when they got back of course, and apparently, they got fueled up again that they were a tad hyper. We immediately hit the beach again for the last time, even though I was lazy. They wanted to go "kayak"-ing since they can for free because of our voucher. As we waited, we dipped in the water again, until they were called. I stayed behind as I watched them go, even laughing in the process. When they got back, we spent time again in the water until it was finally time for us to get back and get ready to go.
What is "bagong gising?" Me in the middle. =)) And I dunno where I was looking.

   So we finally drove back home. During the ride, Jeck and Pam were asleep, and Ate Maple was driving. I, however, as sleepy as I was, I stayed up and looked through the window as we continued to pass by. I was also taking some photos, but I didn't like the shots I took, so yeah. We managed to stop over at a a gas station by SLEX to grabe some lunch at McDonald's, since Jeck requested so, and then went straight home. 
   When I did arrive home, I suddenly felt exhausted. I took a three-hour nap (if I can call it that way), and when I woke up it was already evening. I had dinner, then I watched one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies, "My Fair Lady." ;) The whole trip was fun, and I definitely would love to do it again. I hope though, that the next time, our little group would be complete. And I couldn't be any more grateful for Pam and Ate Maple for taking us to this trip. 

   So this is it. Thank you for reading my two-part post about my summer getaway. I know I put down too much photos on here - as I always do. So yeah, sorry about that. ;P I hope you guys make the most of the remaining two weeks of summer vacation! And yes, have fun!! ;)

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