Fashion Friday!! - Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 | Part II

   I know it's almost about a week, but yeah, I'm posting this now because it's most appropriate for Fashion Friday!
   So anyway, a day after attending Michael Cinco's show, Dane received e-vites for the show of Eric Delos Santos, Jeffrey Rogador, Jerome Salaya Ang, Jun Jun Cambe, and M Barretto. Of course, we were practically ecstatic when she received e-vites, because we were going to go yet again! And we cannot possibly not go at all! That night, we immediately planned out our outfits (as we call, Wardrobe-slash-Outfit Crisis Part 2, lol) with the help of each other, and we were ready to go.
   The next day afternoon, I arrived at their house, and as soon as I arrived, we immediately got in the car and drove to SMX Convention Center where it was held. The show was at one in the afternoon, and we got there at one sharp! Thank God that the show hadn't started yet because we were late! But fortunately, there were enough seats at their show, and we made it early enough. We even waited, because the show started at two! Oh, and I apologize if the photos from the shows have crappy quality, I was only using my phone - as always...
The e-vite. :)

While waiting for the show to begin...
   We definitely enjoyed the show, and each designer had their statement pieces that we both loved. I mean, I loved how edgy M Barretto's collection was. His pieces were definitely my favorite. He had suits made for the menswear, and they definitely looked dapper. Even the women wore suits, at the same time, he also had pieces with a touch of Street Style, combining leather yet they maintained structure and elegance. Sleek and stylish! I also loved Jun Jun Cambe's white lace gown. It looked dreamy, and amazing! In fact, most of his gowns were dreamy and amazing. While Jerome Salaya Ang's pieces were all statement pieces. You just couldn't get your eyes off of them! They were beautiful, and it was fantastic! Then there was Jeffrey Rogador's "Grayscale" collection. It was more on the casual side, but he matched a few structured pieces so it didn't exactly look all too laid-back. Plus, it was edgy, and I really liked it. And of course, Eric Delos Santos' pieces were beautiful with geometric patterns, and the long dresses were definitely eye-catching. He wowed us since he was the one who started the show. ;)

   After the show, we basically hung out a little bit. The next show didn't start until five, and we didn't get invites for that, so yeah. People were talking photos with the VIPs and we managed to see Daryl Chang and Andre Chang. But we didn't take photos with them anymore, because we were basically too shy to even say hi again. Haha! Then we went out and decided to get outfit shots because we really haven't done that in ages, when all we used to do was take photos of ourselves and our outfits (we were that vain back then, lol ;P). So yeah, since Dane brought her DSLR with her this time, we did take photos. The photos below are from her camera. I took hers, and she took mine. ;)

Candid. =))

   And that ends up my Fashion Friday post! I basically had to rush since I had to edit the photos and all! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my post and the photos! And I also hope that you had a fabulous Friday! Have a great weekend ahead!! 
   Oh and follow me on Instagram for more photos. Well, it's not like you need more since I practically post too much photos on my posts, but yeah... If you only want to. ;) 


  1. I've always wanted to go to a Fashion Week but never got the chance to score invites but yeah whatever.. lol. it's ok coz i'm not really that into fashion, i'm just curious about those events.
    Oh and thank you for dropping by my blog :)
    - Farzy @ Books Keep Me Sane

  2. You really should come next year! It's always been a great experience. :)
    And thank you for dropping by on mine too! I love your blog, I even followed you already. ;) I've also done book reviews before, makes me want to do one again. :)


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