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   If you have been reading this blog, or if you've been following me on Twitter, you know that I sleep at ungodly hours of the night. With that said, I do have a serious case of "baggage" under my eyes. Fortunately, I saw this pin on Pinterest where they gave out tips on how to put on your concealer and what actually works. It was from this blog called MaskCara, and Cara didn't just talk about how to work the concealer but she actually talked about how to hide your eyebags by giving a few key points that some of us did not even realize! 
Damage control: under eye circles.
*Photo from MaskCara.*

   I'm still using Benefit's "Erase Paste," as you have seen from my review a year ago. And so when I read this, I immediately tried it to see if it really did work. And it did! It was definitely amazing how my eyes changed when I put the concealer in a pie piece under them. Somehow, they looked more energized and not all weary from the sleep I've been lacking. But what I also did was that I connected that line from the inner corner of my eyes to the corners of my nose, and then proceeded with the curve from that line to the outer corner. Of course, I filled it in afterwards and blended them with a finger. You can use a sponge or a brush too.

   I found that that worked really well with my eyes. But I guess it depends on what type you have. Nevertheless, you should definitely try this! It did wonders and it was a total life-saver! Oh and you can check out MaskCara's other tips about hiding your 'bags here! ;)

So I'll leave you here for now!
And have a great weekend ahead! ;)

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