Music Monday!!

   And we're back to normal!!
   Hello June! This will be the first Music Monday post for the month! So yeah, yesterday, I saw Dane tweet about her mix on 8tracks, and I thought that maybe I should try it. And so I did! ;P I actually had a difficult time selecting eight songs for my first mix, and I finished it at around eleven in the evening. But yeah, I came up with my first mix called "Black Out." I can't really describe it to you, but it sounds a little dark at the same time, showstopping, if I can say it that way. And then after that, I soon came up with my second mix called, "Party Starter," which is obviously a bunch of upbeat songs. ;)
   So far, I'm having fun with 8tracks. Follow me, if you have one. And like my mixes if you do like them. ;)

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