Music Monday!!

   So before this day even ends, let's squeeze this in.
   I was finishing the chapter for my Fan Fic that's why I'm posting this late. But anyway, as I've said two Mondays ago, I was having fun with 8tracks, and I still am! Since then, I've made two new mixes. First one was called "Joy Ride." I've basically compiled most of my all-time favorites there, and from my two previous mixes too. But this second one that I just recently made was called "Close Your Eyes." The songs there are from my current playlist (except for Passion Pit's), since they all sound so chill and I think it's perfect for our rainy weather. Plus, I'm absolutely in love with those songs, so yeah. ;)
   Check them out below! And don't forget to follow and like them - if you only do, that is. ;)

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