Music Monday!!

   So I had to wait for Soundcloud to fix everything because I couldn't access my account earlier and therefore I couldn't make a playlist. But now, since it's already fixed, I can finally post today's Music Monday!! 
   I actually updated my playlist two weeks ago, and I'm going to tell you about this band that I really love right now. They're called Haim (as Wikipedia said, it's rhymed as "time"). The band is formed of three sisters - Este Haim, Danielle Haim, and Alana Haim - and they're based from Los Angeles, California. They've released three EPs, and their most recent one is Falling.
   When I heard their first song, "Forever," I immediately fell in love with it! Their songs just bring good vibes and they're just chill all at the same time. I seriously could not stop listening. I mean, Danielle's voice is amazing. I just love them. Plus, they're really good live too!
   So yeah, check them out below!!

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