Perks of Neutrality - How Soon Is Now?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Perks of Neutrality

Queen B Wisdom
Queen B Wisdom
   From my previous post where I complained about my neutrality... Well, not exactly complained, but I was merely stating the fact about my feelings of numbness (lol) and my confusion with it. And I don't think it's actually, y'know, "numbness" but yeah, just neutral. There's a difference. Anyway, as much as I was rather confused and frustrated with it all, I have come into neutrality again, because I really did not want to stress myself out on squeezing my brains for answers that I cannot even manage to get.
   And so, as I continued to be neutral with everything - maybe not everything *shrugs* - I was surprised with these events that came to me and managed to attend to! (e.g. Fashion Week) And I must say that maybe my neutrality has its own perks after all. I mean, ever since I've been feeling that way, I've become less intense with my emotions, and all that I felt before had somehow, passed off. Maybe it has helped in some way to let things go; all those emotions I've been continuing to string myself onto. And although I still can't make any sense of this feeling of mine, now I can't help but to let it be. Maybe because I've been so intense lately during these past few months, that somehow when my neutrality crept into my veins, I had become irritable since I'm not used to it. But this existed before with my old self, so yeah, maybe it really is a good thing. It's quite funny because when I read my previous post, it seemed to scream "I'm f---ing frustrated!" But I'm going to tell you, I wasn't that frustrated. Haha! 
   Well anyway, I've been doing alright, even though I still wouldn't be going to school this semester. I have no plans yet on how to spend the next five months, but I'm willing to be surprised with whatever's going to come to me. And although there are days when I am down in the dumps, I manage to pick my mood up before I can even go further downhill. :) I am grateful for all the people who remain to be caring and supportive, and even for the people who manage to think about me and how I am doing. And of course, I am very grateful for all the blessings from H-I-M, and for the wonderful summer where these events came surprisingly at me. ;) As for my writing, I'm still trying to finish the first chapter of my new novel. I already did one, but I didn't really like it, so I had to do it all over again. Thus, my statement before the previous sentence. And of course, I still have to continue writing my Fan Fiction - in fact, I should be writing right now. But here I am, making a post. ;)
   So yeah, this is totally random, but right now I really want to go shoe-shopping. I badly need a new pair... Or pairs. ;)


  1. another five months of vacation? O_o well that's a lot of time you have on your hands...

  2. Yes well, I really can't do anything about it, unfortunately. Oh well... :)))