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Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Intern by Carrie Karasyov & Jill Kargman

Summer Intern
SUMMARY: To do: --Attend photo shoot on pier at sunset.--Get invited to NYC's most exclusive parties.--Walk big star's makeup artist's assistant's dog.--Fetch dry cleaning when it arrives from Paris.
There's nothing run-of-the-mill about working at "Skirt," the preeminent fashion magazine. I'm Kira Parker, total fashion junkie. I thought I had it made when I landed this job. Ha. I mean, don't get me wrong--working at "Skirt" is amazing. And spending the summer in New York City without my parents? Golden. But now I'm up against Daphne Hughes, daughter of the magazine's owner. What Daphne wants, she gets--all wrapped up in a cute Coach bag. She's already got the guy of my dreams and all the right connections. Now she thinks she'll get the plum position working for the editor in chief without even lifting a diamond-adorned pinky? This catwalk is primed for battle.

   I remember oh so perfectly well the day when I bought this book. It was the summer of '09, and I went to National Bookstore only to find a stall with the big "SALE" sign above it. Immediately, I rummaged through it, hoping to find a great book. And there I found "Summer Intern" by Carrie Karasyov & Jill Kargman. It was a great find. A really great one. The book was hardbound and was still in very good condition, not to mention, the price - one hundred pesos! (Jackpot!) I was ecstatic, and I immediately bought it, because a) I was very interested, b) it was on sale, and c) I just decided to start collecting books at that time.
   When I headed home, I quickly had my nose into the book. There was no doubt that my thirteen year old (and a half!) self loved it. And since the main character, Kira, worked as an intern at a fashion magazine called "Skirt," I have began to dream about being one too! I've dreamt of working at a fashion magazine, and  it had occurred to me since then that that's what I have always wanted to do. And so now that I'm on the edge of seventeen, and can officially work as an intern after my birthday (because of the Child Labor Law), I've decided to pick this book up and reread it.
   I've only read this twice four years ago, and since I'm done with it now, it'll be the third time. I still enjoyed it, but of course, my perspective on the whole story was sort of different. I have realized that the main character didn't have that much appeal to me. I mean, there was no doubt that she had admirable attributes with her personality since she really worked hard to get what she wanted and her perseverance was really inspiring, but other than that, I thought she was a bit boring. Although I did love how the story progressed; it was fast paced and a delight to read. The conflicts were good and were not all that predictable. And of course, there were mean girls. Through all that though, I was still on the protagonist's side, because I didn't really like the antagonist at all. Don't get me wrong, but yes, the antagonists weren't really made to be liked, but there are just some writers out there who make their antagonists likable despite their flaws. And I admit, I'm such a sucker for complex characters.
   So yes, I now remember how much I did love the book, and I'm glad that this was one of the first books I've ever purchased for my ever-growing collection. Not to mention, I loved how unglamorous the world of fashion was in this book. At least it did sort of give a sense of reality, and how much hard work was put in fashion to be out there for what it was. And if you have time to read and are searching for something to, I definitely think that you should read this - especially if you're interested in fashion just as I am. Maybe even more. ;)

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  1. I read this when I was thirteen and I only knew the trends, etc., like you. But yeah, you should read it because it is a wonderful chick lit (and I'm a sucker for that too), and because it has a great cover (I judge a book by its cover too, ;P). This book has a new edition though, and the photo above is the old one. I still see it on stalls though, so yeah, you can still get it. :D