Tyke - How Soon Is Now?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Summer of 2012
   It's somewhat difficult for me to write my feelings into words right now, but I guess that I'll just have to get on with it. So, here it goes...
   I think that it's only appropriate for me to dedicate this post to my good ole' furry companion, Tyke, who passed away just yesterday. There was no doubt that that was such a heart-wrenching event for me and my family, because he was our best friend. Our baby who didn't look like one, but he was nonetheless. Nine fruitful years, we were together, and it's just sad because he's not here anymore. I remember the first day when my mum brought him home, he was two months old, but he was really tall for a two month old puppy. Nobody would probably even think that he was one during that time. And I was nine years old, and I basically didn't go to school because I was so excited to have him with us. He was our first half-Labrador, half-Doberman. The oldest of my two other dogs. He was their "kuya." 
   Tyke was already sick from the previous week, and I basically cried last Tuesday night when I saw him having a difficult time because of his colds and cough. I was with him, and I thought that when he laid down, that that was going to be his last breath. Suddenly, I felt afraid, because I didn't want him to go just yet. It was already midnight (technically, that was already Wednesday) and that was when I cried my heart out. He was old, and I couldn't bare to see him that way. It was literally breaking my heart. Until a week later, with all the medicine, he just didn't recover.
   It was at quarter to three in the afternoon yesterday, and I was playing the guitar when my grandfather came inside and he basically just blurted the news out. I had to ask him again so it was clear, and so he repeated it. With that said, I immediately put the guitar down and went to the door to look - just to see it for myself. I felt my heart sink as it began to beat rapidly, and I called Tyke by his name. There was no reaction. And so I approached him by his cage, called him again, and practically stared at him to see if he was breathing. I even touched him, but he was... gone. At first, I didn't know how to feel. Of course, I felt sad, but it didn't instantly hit me until a few hours later. What irked me was when I cried. My heart ached but my tears somehow couldn't trickle down my cheeks. I expected that I would somehow cry my eyes out, but they didn't comply. And it was difficult, because it couldn't come out no matter how hard I tried. What was more difficult to see was my other dog, Kokoy (he's four years old), with those sad look in his eyes because he knew that Tyke was gone too. The bond that they shared was different, and they were so happy together. When I think about Kokoy, it makes me feel sad because I don't want him to feel alone at all. So I let the two of them (Kokoy, and my other dog, Sookee - she's seven years old) play and make sure that he doesn't feel that.

   Today, of course I still feel sad, especially when I see Tyke's now empty cage, and he's not there. That when I peek out the door to look at them, I only see Kokoy with those brown eyes, glimmering with excitement, and I don't see his. That he won't be there to stand up and greet me. That I won't have to give bath to a dog who absolutely loved the water and enjoyed every minute of my scrubbing. That I won't hear his voice anymore when he barks at other dogs or at unknown people outside. That I won't get to hear him drink his water with huge loud gulps. That I won't get to look at him face to face as he sits down beside me just for me to pat him. I'll miss every minute of it.
   Tyke, nine years had been absolutely amazing with you. And it's not the same without you. We will all miss you, no doubt about that. Thank you for being on guard twenty-four seven just to protect us, for all the times we've spent with you when you put smiles on our faces, and for being such a blessing in our lives. I'm sure Daddy misses you with all your shenanigans and demands. And who wouldn't? You'll always be in our hearts, and we will never forget you.
   I love you, Tyke... Forever and always. 

P.S. Thank you for all the people who have given me comfort. I deeply appreciate them in ways more than you will ever know...

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