For days I've been trying to write, and unfortunately, I somehow couldn't. I just feel - as the title says - uninspired. I was even battling writer's block the past few weeks as I tried to do the latest chapter of my Fan Fiction. And until now, I still do have the writer's block. I mean, I was supposed to post the next chapter last Saturday, but alas, I still haven't. For that, I do apologize for breaking my promise of posting it early. I just couldn't come up with ideas and write no matter how hard I tried!
   Can you imagine how frustrating that is for me?
   I've been trying to find something to write about, and even blog about, but since I basically couldn't come up with anything, it suddenly dawned in me that I could write about how uninspired I am. I hope that writing about this could actually hit me and make me feel inspired. But you and I both know that I'm getting ahead of myself. Nevertheless, I'll still definitely try and come up with ideas just so I can post the next chapter. Although, don't get me wrong, but I do dislike the fact that I post uninspired chapters, and that's why I don't. I actually take my time to let it pass before I continue to write again just so I know that every chapter's good - at least, that's what I think.
   Still, writing for each chapter for ten weeks is a lot of commitment. I seriously don't know why and how I do it, but I guess it's just my passion, and that's what drives me to do this. Even though I had to rack and squeeze my brains just to come up with ideas. I seriously hope that after I've posted this, I'll finally finish it. I mean, I'm still five pages short! And the last time since I've experienced the writer's block, well, it took me a few months before it ended. I absolutely agree that that's not good, and I cannot let that happen right now when I'm in the middle of week five... In which, since I've been late once, I guess this was supposed to be week six.
   Anyway, this time, I'm not making any promises. But I will try to finish it this week; I'll even start now...
   Right after I smack myself on my forehead, because I am absolutely annoyed with myself. ;)

Here's a Barney GIF to express my frustration and annoyance: :)

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