Fashion Friday!! - Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Cold Wax Strips 20's Review

   I know, that title's a mouthful...
   But anyway, I wanted to make a review since this was the second time that I purchased this. And I don't really know why I didn't make one when I first did last December, but I figured that I really should this time. So here I am! I mean, I only think that it's appropriate for a Fashion Friday, right? ;) At least, you know, before Friday even ends.
   So last December, I was basically at a grocery store, and I really had to buy some wax. But since they didn't have Nanny Rose's Queen Bee Stick's and Pull's Wax Kit, I had to compromise and buy something else. So as I was pushing the cart and passing by the beauty products, this caught my eyes. Immediately, I picked it up and skimmed a little, and then I figured, why not try this?
   Et voila!
   The rest was history!

(Click on the image for better view)
   I really couldn't help but compare this with the Nanny Rose's Wax Kit, because it was definitely different. What I liked about this was that it had a very simple package, with only the box and the cold wax strips. It didn't have pots, and I basically didn't have to use a spatula to get some of that honey wax on my skin. I could use it as is. It was that easy. And it really did well because there were no hair leftovers unless they were really short, and you could use the wax strips again then just dispose it. But the thing was, the wax residue was a little difficult to remove. As the instructions on the box said, I had to dab the wax with the back of the used strip, and then I had to use a cotton pad moistened with baby oil. And still, I had to give a few more rubs with the cotton pad before it's fully removed. Unlike, Nanny Rose's, since it was made of natural products, it was easier to remove because you only have to have a damp cloth to do so. Plus, it's a little more painful since it's not made of natural products, but I assure you that the pain is very tolerable.
  And the price... Well, this costs around 250-300Php - if I do remember correctly, and Nanny Rose's is around 100+Php. But, it's definitely worth it, since it took me almost seven months before I had to repurchase again. :)

The box with the wax strips
Product Description:
Beauty Formulas Cold Wax Strips are a convenient and easy way to ensure effective long lasting hair removal, perfect for use on legs, body and underarms leaving your skin hair free for up to 4 weeks. Remove any excess wax with a cotton wool pad or tissue moistened with baby oil. 
  It is very important for you to read and follow the precautions and instructions before you go on with it. So I took a photo of it. They're at the back of the box. 

(Click on the image for better view)

  • Simple package
  • Could be used as is
  • Very easy to use
  • Very effective
  • Takes about four weeks before my hair starts to grow back
  • Affordable
  • Worth the price
  • Remaining wax is a tad difficult to remove


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