I know that I should've posted this sooner, but then again, I don't really know why I didn't.
   Anyway, it was two Saturdays (July 6) ago when I celebrated my birthday. I really had no plans whatsoever until my mother suddenly wanted me to, like a week before. And so, I did it on a Saturday because I didn't want to intervene with school. Plus, the fact that my friends would be haggard and stressed, and I wanted it to be a really small gathering, so yeah. That week, I was simply all over the place, going through errands, cleaning, and everything. It was absolutely stressful and chaotic, but we all had to persist.
   When the day arrived, I was very tired. It was crazy! Still, my friends came over and they surprised me with these amazing messages - both written, and in videos, - then they brought more food, in which I absolutely understood that their main intention was for me to gain weight. (lol) And we basically enjoyed the karaoke (or videoke, there's not much of a difference ;P) for the whole night. Of course, we also goofed around...

Before they got here, with their surprise for me. ;P
L-R: Shinji, Dane, Me, Jeck, and Pam :)
    Let me just tell you a little something about that tiara. When they got there (since the others were a tad late), they gave that to me while they were bringing out their surprise food and everything. It was really supposed to be a joke, since they knew well enough that I don't wear those stuff. Not only that, but they made this hashtag (in which I will not mention, haha) too! Of course, it was another one of their jokes, and they just kept coming at me, for some reason that I don't know. They even pulled a prank on me, since I used Dane's iPad, and I forgot to log out. She basically tweeted that I wanted Zayn Malik (Did I get his name right?) to greet me. I really didn't know who he was, but obviously, now I do. I guess those are the perks of being the birthday girl... ;P *shrugs*

With my cousin, Pai ;)
With my mother. :)
With Dane. :)
Wedges from Parisian that I was wearing for seven hours. They're really comfy. :)
  Oh, and let me show you this video from Shinji's Instagram. This was what I was saying when I told you guys that we goofed around. ;P

  And then I posted this video after we took that... ;P (Follow me!) Oh and don't mind my voice there. Jeck was teasing me when I was doing this, so my voice got all annoyingly high-pitched and stuff. Lol! But I'm gonna tell you that my normal voice isn't like that. So yeah... =))

   Needless to say, I am very grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to even celebrate and be another year older. Of course, I'm also very thankful to all the people who helped put this all together. T'was definitely an amazing night! I simply couldn't be grateful enough...
   To love, and happiness!! 
   God bless! ;)

*Photos are from my aunt's camera, and from Pam's iTouch*

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