FAN FICTION UPDATE: The Vampire Diaries - The Revelation, 48th Chapter

   It's finally here! I know that I absolutely suck for taking almost four weeks before I got to post another chapter. I just haven't been so inspired lately, and it was insane! It's just frustrating because I know how the chapter will end, but I still have to take care of the other parts to get to the ending that I wanted. And for some reason, I couldn't seem to grasp my ideas because they somehow drift away. But anyway, I am definitely going to try my best to post the next chapter sooner. I mean, I simply have to.
   And I do hope that you enjoy this. It was a bit longer than I intended to, since a few days ago, ideas came rushing back and they just kept coming at me! I simply couldn't disregard them because I needed them for it. Plus, I am absolutely relieved that I finished this, and now I just have to do the next one. ;)

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