Fashion Friday!!

stripes + leather.

   I apologize if I had been sort of M.I.A., especially since I wasn't able to do Music Monday last Monday. That was because I wasn't home. But anyway, I'm here now. And I've already mentioned on one of my previous Fashion Fridays that I love coats, capes, jackets, and cardigans, but that's because I love layers. Unfortunately though, like I've said before, I live in a tropical country when it's hot most of the time. But since we're currently in a rainy season, I guess we can add a few layers or y'know, just a layer because even if it's raining here, it's still hot because of humidity, so yeah... 
I am Mackage obsessed now. Mackage - BOA-C - Woolschic street- black leather & white
   Still though, I have to take advantage of the rainy weather and its crisp breezes for me to get to wear jackets and all. I mean, it's the only time that's appropriate, unless you're going to be in a cold venue for the rest of the day, I don't see why you can't bring one with you. But anyway, below, I'm going to show you some key pieces that I would probably wear. Or y'know, I wish I can wear, since these are some of the things that I found on Pinterest, and I know that they're absolutely expensive. Wearing them would only remain as a dream - as always. Haha. So let's just keep it as an inspiration. ;P

Open Ceremony dress | Balmain leather jacket | Balmain lace-up boots | Roberto Cavalli Cat-Eye Sunglasses | Pour La Victoire Brief Bag | Number A Spiked Out Bracelet
    I would probably wear that if I felt like really dressing up, you know? But if I was kind of lazy I would probably wear something like this...

River Island black jeans | Equipment Striped Sweater | The Collection Leather Bag | The Row Round Sunglasses | Christian Louboutin Flat Sandals
   So yeah, I had to combine them all, and I've got to admit, I really felt inspired. I wish I could wear them because they all look fab!
   But anyway, I hope you had a fun Friday and have a great weekend ahead! ;)

*Photos are from Pinterest and are owned respectively by their rightful owners.*

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