Fashion Friday!!

    At least, before it even ends. ;) So for today's Fashion Friday post, I've decided to make a video where I'll be talking about what today's post is about... If I am making any sense with that last sentence. And yes, I know I really haven't done one in a long time, and basically I just don't do it at all. But I figured earlier today, why not? So here it is! Of course I had to edit some dull moments, too. Y'know, I've never really tried video editing before, and with this, I really had fun. So perhaps I might do it again sometime... But I'm not making any promises, though. ;P


   Here's the tip that I found on Pinterest. It's from

Mascara must-dos - great tip on getting mega lashes 

    As I said in the video, I use NICHIDO's Length & Curl Mascara in black. I've been using this for a year already, and I just love it! The price is around 180-200php, which is very affordable. It doesn't dry fast, and it doesn't clump. Plus, it's really rich and creamy. Although it's not waterproof, I still get to wear it for the whole day, so it's definitely worth a try. ;)

What the brush looks like...
    So with all of that, my eyelashes look like this (photo below), and I don't wear false eyelashes - just to stress that. Also, as I've told you from my birthday post, my voice isn't really all high-pitch and stuff. ;P Oh and apparently, I also cut my hair last week. 
   So anyway, I hope you have great weekend ahead!!

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