Music Monday!!

  So I'm back! Apparently, I have to make up from my absence last week. But the good thing there was that I was able to update my playlist that had been rotting for several weeks now. Before I head on to my current playlist though, I figured that I should take a step back and post something from my all-time favorites.
   When I heard Lykke Li's song "Get Some" back in 2011, I remember that it was featured on The Vampire Diaries Season 2, I immediately wanted to know what song it was. So when I knew, I decided to check out her album, which was her second album,"Wounded Rhymes," and I must say that some of them had become my all-time favorites. Her music was definitely different, and I never thought that I would actually love it, but I did. The first song that I heard from her though, was "Dance Dance Dance," which was from her first album, but I don't really remember where I heard it first. And still, I also love the remixes of "I Follow Rivers." So for today's Music Monday, I combined all of my favorites from Lykke Li, and you can check them out below. :)

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