Music Monday!!

   I nearly forgot that it was a Monday today! But fortunately, I remembered! And last week, I was able to update my rotting playlist. So for today's Music Monday, I'm posting my favorite St. Lucia songs!
   The first time that I heard his name, it was a year ago when he made a remix of Passion Pit's "Constant Conversations" - which I've already posted, and have become one of my all-time favorites since then. But then, I think it was two weeks ago that I heard his new single"Elevate," on the radio, and I happened to like it. So I got curious about his other songs and I checked his EP out, and yes, I loved it! Even the remixes of his songs, "All Eyes On You" and "Before The Dive." His songs just have this chill, feel-good vibe, and they're definitely catchy. So check them out below! :)

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