Another Thursday Fun Day. :)

    And there will probably be more where that came from... I think.
   But last September 12, Pam (with her sisters, Ate Maple and Ate Trisha) and I went to the 34th Manila International Book Fair - my favorite event of the year (besides Christmas and New Year ;P). I know it took me far too long for me to blog about this, but unfortunately, my computer's still broken and I couldn't fix it. ;( At least, though, I'm blogging about this before the month ends.
   So we got to the SMX Convention Center around three thirty in the afternoon. Considering the fact that I had an amazing experience last year, there was no doubt that I was excited as ever! Wasn't it quite ironic though, that I did go to the Book Fair last year on a Thursday as well? :) But I did come prepared with a list of books that I was going to look for. And so off we went to enter heaven with free tickets that I, yet again, got off from the internet.
   *Cue the Hallelujah Chorus* ;P

   I apologize for the crappy photos that I took. The welcome arch to the book fair was huge, and I couldn't get a better angle since we were walking. Basically, I was too excited to get in. When we finally did though, we found ourselves by the National Bookstore section where we just hovered around with the things that seemed to interest us. I was somewhat overwhelmed when we got there. It was just strange. Perhaps all the excitement did that to me - what a drag! But then, we finally got to the Fully Booked section, and that was when I finally started looking for the books that were on my list. Another ironic thing was the fact that it was Harry Potter's 15th Anniversary, and in honor of that, they released new covers which you have probably already seen in stores by now. Without a shadow of a doubt, I wanted it. It was a whole collection of the books, and the case looked absolutely amazing with the Hogwarts and the Hogsmeade prints. I mean, who wouldn't want it? But sadly, I couldn't afford it at the moment. 
   Maybe next time... ;P

When you combine all the books, you get the Hogwarts castle. :)
Side view.
A look on Hogsmeade at the back.
Fully Booked Section

   When I was looking for the books on my list, I couldn't seem to find them. I even went to the Customer Service for some help! Unfortunately, none of the books on my list were available! Can you imagine? I was already at a book fair, and not a single book! Nada! But before I found out though, we already went out of the halls since Pam was already starving after we went back to the National Bookstore section for me to look again, and roamed around different booths as well. So we finally went to Mall of Asia to grab some food. That was when I received a text from the clerk from Fully Booked stating the news.
   How dreadful!
   I was disappointed, of course. But I was willing to look outside the book fair for them. After we roamed to different clothing boutiques around MOA, we landed at Fully Booked, where I managed to find a copy of The Carrie Diaries. Was it on my list? Yes! Have I read it already? Yes! But I only read it on an e-book, plus, I had the second book in an actual book. I simply had to have the first book in print for my dear book collection. For uniformity's sake, of course. ;) At this point, I couldn't really care much about the 20% Off at the book fair as long as I got to buy one from my list, and I did. But of course, I also got to buy this month's issue of Preview Magazine. I chose the Femme Fatale cover for #ImAPreviewGirl. ;)

Preview with the #ImAPreviewGirl name tag. ;)

They're finally complete. I hope there's a third book though...
Fully Booked tickets
   After buying The Carrie Diaries, I wanted to go to the National Bookstore to try and look for another one from my list. I was able to find Anna Godbersen's "The Lucky Ones" there but it was in hardbound. It's the third and last book from the Bright Young Things series, and I have the two other books in paperback. I couldn't purchase it for uniformity's sake and for the pricing. Plus, I couldn't seem to find the third and last book of Jillian Larkin's "The Flappers: Diva." All I keep finding on those shelves were the second book, and they're usually in hardbound. ;( Both of the series, apparently, only have three books and they take me ages before I could find them! Oh well, I might as well drop by, yet again, to Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street and hope for the best. ;) 
   When I finally gave up on looking, and since it was already getting late, we finally decided to go home. All of us were exhausted, no doubt. I enjoyed it, nonetheless. I was definitely ecstatic that I was able to go again this year. And hopefully, I will be able to finally find these books on my list! 

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