Music Monday!!

   Well, hello September!!
   Isn't it weird how we think or feel that the month goes by so slowly, until the next month finally arrives and we suddenly say, "How time flies?" I don't know. Maybe that's just my thing. *shrugs* ;P
   But anyway... For today's Music Monday, I have specifically chosen to post about Lorde. She's a sixteen year old singer from New Zealand, and she released her EP titled "The Love Club" last March. My initial reaction of hearing her song, "Royals" (which you have probably heard playing on the video I made for Fashion Friday several weeks ago) was, I didn't know what I was expecting. But then it suddenly grew in me and I definitely loved it since it was just so catchy! And the fact that she was only sixteen blew me away. She made me wish I was doing something creative during her age. Haha!
   Below, I have compiled my favorites from her and a remix of "Bravado." And I am definitely looking forward to her debut album, which will be released this September 30th! ;)

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