Music Monday!!

    I know I have been rather M.I.A. last week, and that was because my computer's broken. ;(
   I still have to try and fix it, so perhaps next week I'll be back again. I couldn't seem to find an embed code on Soundcloud on mobile, that's why I couldn't post using my phone - which was such a drag, by the way. But I couldn't miss another Music Monday; I just had to make a scheduled post. Although, my current playlist have been rotting for quite some time now, I still have to do it. You know it's a must! ;)
   So for today, I'm posting Cut Copy's "Take Me Over." It's from their third album titled Zonoscope, that was released last 2011. It's got this 80's vibe. Plus, it's very catchy! I seriously don't know why I just discovered this recently... There's no doubt that I've been missing out! :P
   Check it out below!

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