Music Monday!!

   Yesterday, I managed to be more than ecstatic since I realized that Haim had finally released their debut album around three days ago in different countries, and so did Lorde and CHVRCHES! Aside from the fact that my playlist had been rotting for quite some time, at least now I could finally start updating! And so for today's Music Monday, I've decided to post Lorde's recently released single before her debut album was released. It's called "Team," and I just love this song! I mean, I absolutely agree with her lyrics, "I'm kinda over getting told to throw my hands up in the air." But then, her song makes us want to do just that. Isn't she just so brilliantly ironic? ;)
   I've checked out her album "Pure Heroine," and it was amazing! So yeah, you should definitely check out the song below! ;)

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