Music Monday!!

   And another week has begun...
   So another one of my all-time favorite bands, White Lies, just released their third album "Big TV," last August, and they're an English band from Ealing, London. I was definitely ecstatic to know that there was finally a third album, of course, since I've waited far too long. But the thing was, I didn't really like the second album. As you've probably guessed, my favorite from them would be their first album which was called, "To Lose My Life." It was released back in 2009, and I absolutely remember that the first song I heard from them was "Unfinished Business" - which became one of my all-time favorites, including "Death." And if I do remember this correctly, I think their album was on my playlist around the summer of 2010. It's all such a blur since I was listening to so many good songs at that time that most of my all-time favorites came from that period.
   The first thing that I really loved about Unfinished Business was because of the lyrics. I know, they sound kind of dark in a way - which made me love them even more, but I also really love the lyrics and the intensity of it, too. And there's no doubt that I love Harry McVeigh's voice. He sounds amazing live, too! So below, I've compiled my five favorite songs from their first album.

   I was glad that I liked their third album. Since I really loved their first one, I was looking for the same dark intense tune or sound or something that resembles that into the new album, and I found it. My first favorite would definitely be "Getting Even," because there were some intense parts to it. And basically, I only had four favorites, but unfortunately, I couldn't find a full version of "Big TV" on Soundcloud, which is my second favorite. Still, you guys should definitely check my top three below. :)

   P.S. My blog's layout got all messed up, and this was the best thing that I could do to fix it. And apparently, I still have more work to do...

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