And Yet Another Thursday Fun Day... ;)

    Didn't I tell you that there was more where that came from? ;)
   For some reason, Thursdays seem to have some sort of a charm with me. And I know that it's almost two weeks since this happened, but I was a bit busy for the past few weeks. So my BFFs - Dane, Pam (who brought her sisters with us, Ate Maple and Ate Trisha :D), and Jeck - all went to dinner at Zark's in BF yet again last September 26. I guess it's really one of our favorite places to get together and just catch up after not seeing each other, and not being complete as a group from time to time. I mean, the last time that we were complete together was on my birthday, I think...
   So the three of them came together from Taft, since Dane and Jeck got classes, and Pam had to take care of her grades. How about me? Well, I came from home since I had to take a two-hour nap. I had a long morning that day, so yeah. When we got there, we began catching up and basically enjoying each other's company as we dug in and munched on our food. 

Me, Dane, Jeck and Pam. :)

I absolutely loved this painting with Audrey Hepburn on that bill board. :)
Passing by a restaurant downstairs, below Zark's, and saw this 3D artwork. ;)
   After our meaty dinner, we decided to have some dessert. Immediately, I mentioned that we should go have some cupcakes at Larcy's Cupcake Bakery that's located further in BF. None of us protested since all of us wanted to try. And so, off we went as we jammed Jeck's throwback music playlist in the car! ;)
   When we got there, we absolutely loved the ambiance and the decor as we settled ourselves on a table. After ordering, we took photos of our cupcakes! It's absolutely a must since they all look amazing and delicious! And when we couldn't possibly resist anymore (at least, I can say that for myself ;P), we began to dig in and tried each other's cupcakes. I got a Ferrero Rocher cupcake - which was absolutely delicious, no doubt about that. ;)

Their centerpiece ;)

Me, Jeck and Ate Maple. ;)
My Ferrero Rocher cupcake. ;)
Dane's Triple Chocolate cupcake. ;)
Jeck's order, I think this was Oatmeal Fudge. ;)
Ate Trisha's Speculoos Cookie Butter cupcake. ;)
Pam's Red Velvet Cheesecake ;)
Our cupcakes. I forgot to take a photo of Ate Maple's Toblerone cheesecake. ;(

Selfie with Dane. ;))
    We were in cupcake heaven! All of them were delicious! So what better way to get together and catch up? Eat and satisfy our sweet tooths! It was a great night for all of us to de-stress and just eat! We were all just so happy to see each other! I hope we can do it again some time soon. ;)

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