Challenge Completed

    I know that perhaps this was sort of out of the ordinary - at least, for me - to put myself up for a challenge, but I figured that I wanted to do it just to see for myself. It's not anything serious, I assure you. In fact, it's such a small bit that nobody would've probably noticed. But after almost five years of being active on Twitter, I suddenly decided to take a break - not just there, but on other Social Media sites (e.g. Facebook and Instagram) as well. Yet, I mainly focused on Twitter since I was mostly active there. And since I did just that, I came to the point of deleting my Twitter account.
   I know.
   You were probably surprised - or not. But basically, if you asked me like a year ago or months ago if I ever have plans on deleting my Twitter account, I'd probably tell you these: "Hell no," or "Not in a million years," or even "Sure, but that won't be until hell freezes over." Dane was even surprised about it when she asked me a few days later, and she even sounded incredulous about my reply. Apparently, I loved Twitter so much that I couldn't possibly go on a day without it. Or... So I thought. What made me suddenly think that was because I was somehow getting stressed out. You're probably wondering why and what would I even be stressed out about over there, and I'm going to tell you now that I don't know either. But that's just how I felt or what I thought, that I even managed to read on the internet something called "S.M.A.D." which means "Social Media Anxiety Disorder." Don't worry though, I don't have any of it, and that I did have like, a really mild case with it that it's not even considered as a "disorder" but could really be passed off as "normal." 
   Anyway, that was when I suddenly thought of deleting my Twitter. Not because I was having an anxiety, but I realized that I've become so attached to it, that I even thought of not going to survive a day without it (as I've already said)! And then I suddenly wondered those people who lived in the nineties or beyond that decade where social media was practically non-existent, and what they did every day. Call me crazy, but that did happen. Besides, don't you just agree that you also couldn't imagine how you'd live without social media since we're so attached to it either and that we go on it every single day? 
   So that was when I finally decided to delete my account, and not go on it for five days. Five straight freaking days. Just to challenge (or torture - just kidding ;P) myself. I lessened my use on Facebook, even though I hardly even use it and I'm barely even active on it. And I lessened my use on Instagram to a point of checking it only twice a day, and to post something, if I want to, only once a day. Although, I did need to get used to it for the first few days - especially the Twitter thing. I mean, I basically paused what I was watching and turned to Google Chrome only to find myself wondering what I was doing, since I was staring at a blank screen, and realized that I was about to tweet something when I really couldn't. 
   Yup. A force of habit, if you will. 
   But the good thing though, was that I made it up to five days straight, and even extended it for two more days to make a week of it (which ended yesterday). Also another good thing, was that I did get kind of used to it that was why I extended it. During that week though, I realized some things about the whole social media shindig, and found myself also agreeing with some of the blogs I've read when they took a break from it too. I did manage to gain some perspective both from the experience and from what I've read. Besides, a day after deleting it, I got my Twitter archive, and so I managed to look at some of the tweets I tweeted back in 2009. And can I just say that it was total none sense? It was filled with rants about my stressful days at school, or whatever I'm stressed about, and rambled on about things that nobody could really give a crap about. (lol. ;P) I guess that was the point though, wasn't it? It's not like I wasn't fourteen at the time - which I was, so yeah... 
   As you've been reading this though, I've probably already gone back to Twitter. I didn't say that I particularly dislike social media or that after gaining some perspective from my whole challenge thingamajig that I wouldn't actually go back. No, it's not anything like that. I guess, the main reason for this thing was for me to really just see for myself whether what I've proclaimed of "couldn't survive without it" was actually true. And now that I've actually proven a tad bit to myself, I guess I could say now that I really could. And that, I'm not entirely that addicted after all. ;)
   Plus, after five years of being on it and just rambled on about things, I guess it really was time to finally take a break...

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