Music Monday!!

   I'm back!!
   I apologize for my sudden absence last week. I've been too busy literally running errands everywhere. It was fun yet exhausting at the same time. Plus, my playlist was still rotting last Monday, and I really did try to figure out what song I'm going to post until my mother had to take over the computer. Apparently, her computer's still broken the same as mine. It sucks!
   So since I was able to finally update my rotting playlist, I'm here now to post Smallpools' EP. They're a new band from New Jersey, and they just released their debut EP last July. I have to say that my favorite song would be "Dreaming." It was just so up-beat, and the good vibes of the song rubs on you. I think it's perfect for long drives - I know because I've tried. Haha! Every song on the EP's great, so you really have to check it out! And I'll have to look out for their debut album - which I hope will be released soon!

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