Surprise, Surprise.

   A few weeks ago, while in the midst of running errands, I realized that one of my best friends, Dane's birthday was coming up. I absolutely knew how stressed she was with her first semester this year, so I managed to talk to Pam and our other friend, Shinji, to ask what we could do. I managed to think of surprising Dane last Saturday of October 12th - the day before her birthday - with two dozens of Red Velvet Cupcakes that Pam and I baked. Also, Shinji thought of making a birthday banner for her too, so we made one! And then, of course, I managed to call our other friends to join us! :D
   The plan was, Friday (October 11), Pam and I would bake the cupcakes. And then, the next day, before we head to Dane's (I asked Dane if I could come over a few days before - of course, without actually saying that I had company with me - and she said yes), we would make the banner. Jeck made some pasta, as we liked to called it "Pasta ala Jeck" because he and the rest of us did not know what he really made, but it was still good, though. ;P And then, thank goodness gracious, Jak got to meet and come with us, since his exams that day were cancelled. So everything fell into place!

October 12: Putting the cream cheese frosting

A video we made after we baked from Pam's Instagram. Sorry for my haggard face. :P

Another video while making the banner from my Instagram. :) 

   After we made the banner, we (Pam, Shinji, Pauline and I) met up with Jak since he picked us up (as I've already said ;P). And then, we waited for Jeck. When he finally arrived, we then headed towards Dane's crib to finally surprise her. I was the one to go first and knock on their gate since I was the only one she was expecting, and then they would follow. But when we got out of the car, we basically fumbled over the candles and the cupcakes, with of course, the rain. Then I made my way, since everyone of them were telling me to go ahead otherwise. I knocked a couple of times before Dane (thank goodness), answered the door. I stared at her, wondering what I would say, because the others were still walking towards us. I was basically dumbstruck, before I finally waved and smiled at our other friends. Dane looked at what I was looking and waving at, and then, that's when I said, "Surprise!" Then of course, they finally arrived at the gate, and shouted the same thing. We came inside, and finally sang her a happy birthday!

Birthday girl. ;)
   We then decided to head to McDonald's (even if we had already finished off two Tupperware containers of "Pasta ala Jeck" and even forgot to take photos of them). Jak drove us there, and we couldn't possibly resist taking a group photo while we're at it. What was funny though, Jak, Jeck and I were in front, and Pau, Shinji, Pam, and Dane were at the back. When we were parking, since it was kind of a slope, the car roared its engine as Jak tried to move upwards. We all laughed when we couldn't go further and they all got out of the car. I stayed in and helped Jak navigate properly with his parking. And then, off we went to have our meals! Of course, some of them couldn't possibly resist ordering some Happy Meals - with the cute boxes and such. They decided to put all of their fries on a tray, but I was the only one who refused since I really love my fries that much. ;P

Front (L-R): Jeck, Me, and Jak. | Back: Pam, Pau, Shinji, and Dane.

Pam, Jeck, Me, and Dane :)

   Unfortunately, I had to go home early. I didn't really want to leave just yet since I really wanted to spend some more time with them, but I have other errands to run. Although, that did kind of bum me out, but oh well... I got struck in traffic, for some reason that I didn't know, maybe because it was a Saturday and it was already dusk. But nevertheless, I am completely happy how the surprise turned out! Also, completely blessed that I even got to allot some time for it, and spend some time with them! ;)

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