Last November 12, we celebrated Jeck's 17th birthday! Apparently, he's the youngest one in our group. So, he planned for us to have two dinners that night at Charbroiled and at Calda Pizza in BF. For some reason, he wanted to go to both places, and we didn't really resist because both of them offer delicious food! Who could possibly resist that?
   So I went to Pam's crib for us to go together with her sisters, and we picked up Jeck and Dane since they were still on their way from Taft. After that, we finally headed there. All of us were already starving by that time, and as we waited for our order, we finally began to catch up. That's all we did at Charbroiled, though. We were too busy eating and catching up until we finally finished and we didn't even realized that we didn't take a photo. Oh wait, I think we did, but it was from Jeck's so I have no copy of that. But oh well...
   We headed to our last destination which was Calda Pizza. It only took us three minutes to get there since it wasn't really all that far. What really began to spark my excitement was when I saw the Foosball table. And while we waited for the pizza - which was the Napoletana, in case you wanted to try some there - Jeck suddenly asked if I wanted to play, and of course I did! The four of us headed outside and began to play. It was funny how quiet and serious we were at the beginning. I guess, it was different with Pauline and Shinji around, but we laughed because we realized that we were being too quiet and serious. I commented that perhaps because we haven't eaten some pizza, since the last time we went there, we had pizza first. But it was a joke, so we just continued playing. All of us were getting competitive as we laughed and basically swore every now and then. And it was as if we didn't have energy at all even if we already ate! It was just too funny! ;P
   But the fun had to stop - for a while - because the pizza was finally served! We immediately went back inside and began to eat! While we did, we talked all about such random things from movies to stuff about school, etc. We talked for like, two hours, we didn't even notice the time! Plus, we couldn't even finish the pizza anymore. All of us were in a food coma. :))

L-R: Ate Trisha, Ate Maple, Jeck, Me, Dane & Pam :)

   Before we went home though, we played Foosball yet again. I realize now that we weren't really minding the time because we were having too much fun! But then, when we had to, we finally decided to go home. T'was a great night! And I am so blessed to be around these wonderful people. Also, many thanks to Jeck for this small fete where we ate to our heart's content yet again! 
   To more years to come!! ;)

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